Integral Politics

What sorts of nonsense have I said in the past about integrative transpartisan metapolitics (or perhaps we will just call it ultrapolitique) ?  I thought you’d never ask…

3D Politics What does Left/Right political polarization look like at all different stages of cultural development?  Why should we try to be transpartisan?  How can we tease apart the Progressive/Conservation dimension from other factors like Cultural Operating Systems and Social Health. 

The Ambidextrous Eagle transcript of a podcast with Layman Pascal providing a general overview of Integral Politics

The 5 Pillars of Planetary Wisdom-CivilizationA visionary short-list of elements that could realistically be used to cultivate a higher politics for a full-spectrum world.  Namely: a culture of cultivation, a massive internal profiling civilization, new academies, constructive partnership between cultural operating systems & the emergence of smarter group protocols.

ANTI-AUTHORITARIAN EXTREMISTS are not the problem ! – Left Wing (“red”) fascism, like Right Wing (“black”) fascism, is alive and well today.  It should NOT be confused with Postmodernism and Marxism in their best forms.  It should be recognized as a recurrent historical political phenomena which is not a problem but a symptom of the problem: the absence of adequate authority.

A Short History of Nihilism – Decay is a part of life but how does excessive self-neutralization creep into our minds, hearts, bodies and culture?  How does the complexity of modern instinct lead to self-cancelling impulses?  How does most nihilism operate as seemingly meaningful idealism?  When do nihilistic culture tendencies burst into fascism?  How can we heal?

A Paine in the Burkeside – The correspondence and rivalry between the classical thinkers Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine provide an excellent window onto higher level examples of Left and Right political sentiment.

Culturopathy (What is Fascism?)

The Fall & Rise of Nation-States – Modern countries suffer imbalance and evolutionary stagnation because of a lack of parity or correspondence between “nations” of people and corporate-legal “states”.   Not only are major world powers constantly trapped between various large nations within which compete for power at the expense at the country but all over the planet the struggle for regional and ethnic autonomy leads to bloodshed, trauma and regression.  There two pathways toward re-establishing parity between nations and states.  We explore them both…

A to Z of Integral Politics

Mosquitoes in the Amber – An integral tour through Orthodox Irrationality feat. the Amber or “traditionalist” or “patriotic” Cultural Operating System.  With a few general remarks about Political Shamanism and the relevance of the Unconscious in mass politics.

Only the Athenians Exist – An Integral call-to-arms and a challenging look at “hawks” and “doves” in a higher sense.